Archive | May 10, 2011

Laundry day, just one more pain to endure with FM

Remember the Laundry I had to blow off yesterday ?  Well, today I did it. It was not as rough as usual, as being mid week, the place was not crowded ( meaning extra hot, noisy and full of vibrations that drive even normals up a wall, much less those of us with FM, we do not deal with sensory overload well ) and as always, the now clean and folded wash is sitting in their bags in the bedroom, waiting for me to put it all up, but first I have to recover from doing the wash, at all. 

As I said yesterday, dinner is take out, as the last thing I would have energy for, after doing the wash… is cooking ( it was my husbands idea by the way to get take out, unlike many mates I have had.. he “gets it”  or at least as much as anyone who does not have FM, can get it )  so I am stuffing my face and trying to bring the body back down to cool,  but not too cool, as to get chilled would be a very bad thing.

It’s like when I was a body builder years ago, ( I got FMS while in that prime condition as an FYI so that puts paid to any that think that all we need to do.. is “get some exercise “) anyway.. I am siting here doing the staged cool down and slowing the body back down to normal. Only now, I have to do that for doing a typical household task, not pumping iron for an hour. 

My point is, the amount of effort it takes  to pump iron or do the wash…. is the same now. Heck, just to sit here, takes more energy that it would for most people, to run around the outside of the building, for the same amount of time.

As always, whenever you exert yourself, there is this kind of over extension, and what tends to happen once you stop moving, is everything freezes up, cramps or barely works for a while, how long that lasts, depends on your over all shape and by that I do not mean your Cardio Vascular fitness level, but what is the state of your FMS and all the things that tend to hang out with it.

For me right now, on a scale of one to ten,  ( One being .. feeling great ) I am about a 7 on that line, and I pretty much stay there most days. It is rare for me to dip below that and that is just something we with FM, learn to live with. But at least, for the rest of the week, there is not too much on the agenda that will take much physical labor.

Oh just as a PS: The old man “gets it” so well, once I got up to put the clothes up, he got all the stuff out we needed to bottle the wine, ( I make my own.. its a hobby and it was on my plans for the day to bottle it up ) and brought it all to me in the kitchen, so I would not have to bend down etc. In order to sterilize the bottles and jars.. he did all the lifting for me, but no matter how it happens, it takes two people, to do it right.. and he knew full well, and outright said as much, that if I sat down again, it was not gonna happen. That’s how much he understands, as its no more than the truth and we both know it.

More soon…