Archive | May 11, 2011

IBS and Fibromyalgia

Warning Will Robinson !!!!, unpleasant topic ahead !!

My day started, as have so many lately, with an IBS attack. Now, for those of you who do not know what that means, it’s short for Irritable bowel syndrome, which seems rather a tame word, for what really goes on. I am one of the unlucky ones who has both sides of this issue, either diarrhea or constipation, sometimes both at the same time. Over 70% of people with FM have IBS.

Imagine waking up and the first thing you have to do, is make a bee line for the bathroom ? And once this diarrhea event starts, it can last for days, even weeks. These are the days when you are literally housebound, as you do not DARE go anywhere, ( need I say why ? ) as we are not talking the occasional urgent ” gotta go right now” we are talking cramping, pain, sweating, shaking, the kind of day that you normally get with the stomach flu, sorta deal. Now, picture that happening day after day ?

Now, most doctors would make the mistake of saying, your stressed out ( never mind that it has been proven over and over that IBS is made worse by stress, but is NOT caused by stress ) and try and blame all this, on you and your state of mind. News, it has nothing to do with your mind. Given as how often I literally wake up with it..its called what? I am stressing in my dreams ? I don’t think so..

Now.. the reason this does happen in FM, is the gut is like any other muscle in your body and therefore subject to myofacial trigger points as most of us have CMP ( Chronic myofacial pain ) so the gut either goes spastic, or as is more typical for me in recent years.. does NOTHING at all and your bloated out like a whale.

Today is not one of those days, but I expect I will return to imitating a whale, in short order. Not to mention, the nerochemical Serotonin, the one we are lacking so much in FM ? Well the second largest place for such receptors, is in the gut, so IBS being an issue for us, is really no surprise, as it, like the brain, is not getting the chemistry it needs, to function normally.

It’s almost needless to say it, but I will say it anyway, this can be excruciating painful, and it literally takes up almost every bit of energy you have. So you do your best to sooth the gut and relax while all this is going on, as tensing up is the worst thing you can do.

I have developed a little trick that helps, in that while I am in the bathroom, with this going on, I often will literally dig my own nails into my arm, enough to cause pain. I know, that sounds masochistic, but the facts are.. despite how it seems, the body almost cannot feel pain in more than one place, at a time. So the created pain, is a diversion of sorts, so that I do not feel the pain the gut is in as much, and can let it relax and therefore, make the whole process, easier on me.

Lots of deep breathing helps too. The idea of going into basically a Zen mediation state, while all this is going on, might seem a little weird, but it does help, trust me on that one.

For me its always one or the other with the gut, normal is never part of the picture. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

More soon…