Archive | May 12, 2011

Sleep disorders and FMS

Well, it is 5 PM, and I just got up an hour ago. FM causes some kind of sleep disorder, in about 70% of cases. In mine, it’s several, unable to fall asleep, broken sleep, un-refreshing sleep, and total insomnia.

Last night, was the first three, now mind you that is even with medications, pills that most often, at least now a days, allow me to stay asleep, once I get there. Last night, they failed, and it was the eyes fly open every few hours,  for no particular good reason.

My “normal” pattern is like so, up at oh.. around 2 in the afternoon, as I  get to sleep between 4-5 in the AM. Now, this does not mean, I am not tired long before that hour. Understand, with FM, how tired you are has NO bearing on your ability to sleep. Some nights I am so tired, I am literally stumbling around like a zombie, and can barely see, but to go lay down, would be pointless.

Now, the why this happens is due to how badly our nero chemistry is messed up, mainly Serotonin. This is what regulates sleep, pain and a whole host of other functions. In short, we simply don’t have enough anymore, for the body to function, normally. If you want more details on Serotonin and sleep, see my FM site.

Now I have tired nearly every medication known to man, to get to sleep at the so called “normal” hour, up to and including sleeping pills. They are either useless from the start, outlive their usefulness in short order, or cannot be taken for long periods of time.

One doctor up and decided that I had just gotten my sleep pattern out of whack, and put me on a sleep regulation that had me going to bed, 2 hours later, every night, the object being to walk the sleep back around to a “normal” hour.

It was a dismal failure, within a week of trying this, I was now totally sleep deprived, in a major flare and finally did something I almost never do, which is drink enough alcohol, to literally knock myself out.

Now, given some of the medications I am on, it deems reasonable to say that other than the occasional drink, it is out of the question to do this very often. But since I didn’t have any sleeping pills, it was really the only option, open to me.

I have tried them all, the suggestions the doctors hand out with such regularity, to try and “establish” a normal sleep pattern and as anyone with FM knows, they all fail, rather miserably I might add. Our bodies just don’t react as expected, so all of their suggestions, ones created for those who have jet lag or some other kind of temporary sleep issue, are worse than useless, they are downright detrimental.

I suspect that it was last nights storms, that caused the up half the night, as the barometric pressure leaps around like a grasshopper during such storms, and we with FM, do not handle the sudden shifts very well. It causes pain, and a whole host of other discomforts, not the least of which, is our ability to sleep. Hopefully tonight, will be better

More soon