Archive | May 16, 2011

Secondary infections and FM

Well, I think I know why I have been feeling so poorly, I have a secondary infection ( ears ) and last night was as sick as the proverbial dog. Those of us with FM,  do not do well, if there is a secondary infection going on, as it kicks off everything that FM creates, and more.

The issues with the gut, could be related to this, or not. Which would explain a lot, but hopefully, my doctor who I see in a few days, can help me sort all this out. But it does bring to the fore the absolute need to deal with any secondary infections or illness, asap and that’s my fault. As I have known the ear had a problem, some two weeks ago, but did NOT want to have to do to the urgent care at my clinic and spend the entire day there, just to get a script for antibiotics, when I already had a doctors appointment coming up, although in hindsight, perhaps I should have.

None the less, it is making perfectly clear, something I have always known, that FM does not play well with others, with regard to other aliments, it’s rather greedy in that respect. Even simple things, can set off a whole host of other issues, as the body gears up to deal with the current problem.

So a word to the wise, if you have other issues pop up, deal with them as soon as you can, as the overall effects on your FM and its issues, will be considerable.

More soon…