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Neurally Mediated Hypotension and FM

Well, I got to see my doctor today, and other than being able to walk out with a referral for a GI doctor ( shes looking into that) I got most everything I asked for. Which just shows the importance of having a list and a good working relationship with your doctor.

And I found out, I was right, my blood pressure is the reason for the dizzy spells I have been having lately, this is called Neurally Mediated Hypotension.  What this basically means, is a sudden drop in blood pressure, under hot conditions , like high humidity,  standing too long, etc. This kind of problem is common in FMS and CFS/ME,

” neurally mediated hypotension (NMH). NMH (also called vasodepressor syncope or neurocardiogenic syncope) is a blood pressure abnormality brought on by a nervous system reflex. It can cause symptoms such as chronic fatigue, light-headedness, recurrent fainting, malaise, nausea, exercise intolerance and cognitive dysfunction.”

Now, given I live in the tropical region of Texas, it is  kind of hard to avoid humidity, ditto the shower, which is where I first noticed it. We discussed options, and are going with simple means, such as more salt, and she suggested Licorice root. Which is well known to increase blood pressure. ( Most studies done on the disorder, make the same suggestions )

There are few medications to raise blood pressure, most of which are dangerous, in that they are unpredictable, ( Not to mention I have had two strokes, so we don’t want to raise it too much )

She told me this is also likely why, the medication I take for migraine, works so well, as the one thing it does, is raise your BP, much like the Forinef, a common drug given for Neurally Mediated Hypotension, which is a steroid.


I found out a little fact about my IBS, and why its gone so bonkers lately, a little tid bit that no one at the GI clinic who did recent tests on me, thought to tell me, that the bowel cleansers you have to use before such tests ( I had two tests in a row, within a week ), kill off all intestinal flora and needed bacteria for the gut to function properly.

If I had known this ( and no, the label on the cleansers did not say a word about it either ) I would have known what to do, which is drink Acidophilus milk, eat yogurt, take probiotics, etc. To replace what was lost. There is no excuse for not giving me this information. I have suffered for weeks with this, and could have put a stop to it, with simple measures, but no one, until my doctor said it this afternoon, bothered to tell me !!!

She would not increase my pain meds, but then, I really didn’t expect that she would, but I had to ask  🙂 but she did offer me a possible option to aid in sleep as asked, above and beyond that I am taking now. So we will give that a go and see how that works.

Ditto my requests for household aids, like a bath chair, etc, for which I need to see the clinics social worker ( but that is alright, I know her, she is the one who recommended my doctor 🙂 Likewise she agreed that a Chiropractor would be a good idea, so I plan on making appointments for that to help deal with the neck and back pain. More, finally, I got another referral for a vein specialists, as was ordered over 6 mts ago, but never followed up on by the neurologist I saw for the problems of  swelling, cramping etc. in my lower legs.  ( It is assumed to a be possible PAD disorder ) So over all, a very productive visit.

More soon…