Archive | May 20, 2011

Sick and tired of being sick and tired, sleep medications and FM

Well, I did the “my eyes fly open” for no good reason again last night. ( Still don’t have my new meds yet, but I can hardly blame my pharmacy for that, I just gave them all to him late yesterday ) So one hopes the new medications shes ordered, will help with that. 

It is yet another antidepressant, ( a very common drug given us for sleep, and so far, none of them have worked very well )but this one is a little different than most, in that it is commonly used “off label” for insomnia, as extreme drowsiness, is its most common side effect.

I have my doubts on it, as so many of the antidepressants,( of which I have taken a ton of em ) make other issues we have, worse. The write up on this one, is a bit different however, so we will see.

As I am not about to put up with an increase of other issues, as that kinda negates even getting a decent nights rest. All I wanted was some real sleeping pills, for short term, occasional use. 

Now, I can understand the doctors reluctance, to give such things to a chronic insomniac, but as I told her, I just wanted something for those times when I have gotten “bupkis” meaning none, for sleep, for days on end.  I did not want them to take them every night, I already know that’s a waste of time and not advisable. To date, they have yet to come up with a sleeping medication, for anyone who needs such a thing, all the time.

I had a million and one things to do today, phone calls to make, etc. And got none of them done, since I did not even get up until nearly 5 pm, thanks to this and it is Friday, which means, none of them will get done, until at best, Monday. Now I realize that all the things I wanted to do, have for the most part, been on hold for ages anyway, so what difference does a couple of days make. ?

That’s the logical thing to think, but on the emotional side of things, I am just plain sick and tired, of being sick and tired. and would like to have them make, for once dang it, medications for sleep, that are made FOR us, so this does not happen anymore. Even my doctor, who discussed all the current medications used for FM, admitted they are all “off label” use as none of them, are made for us !

Well, off to try and get my brain in working order and get something… done for the day.

More soon….