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Medicaid/Medicare and FMS

I was finally able to find a Chiropractor, and that took two hours, as most of them that were  listed by my health plan, do not take Medicaid. Now, why most of the doctors were even listed in the health care directory, whose clients are almost all on SSI, is beyond any understanding.

Now, if I went outside of my health care plan, I could likely find more, but I question the rational of even bothering to have them in the book, a book made for people on SSI and therefore on Medicaid or Medicare, if they do NOT take the insurance ?

I was starting to wonder if I would be able to find one, that would even take Medicaid. Out of a grand total of 6 listed for the speciality I needed, I found one. ONE, think about that.

To make matters worse, the current health care changes, will equal cuts to what said doctors are paid, and this will mean even fewer doctors, who will take on Medicaid/Medicare clients. Not that I can really blame them, but I can see a time happening, where you are going to have to hunt under every rock and go way out of your way, to find a doctor, that takes either one.

Recall, who is on Medicare/Medicaid … Elders, children with disabilities, and people like me, who are not aged, but disabled. All persons who have little income, or means of long range transportation, who are going to having to go far from their homes, just to see a doctor.

On the upscale, the antibiotics seem to be working, as the ear doesn’t feel quite like someone boxed me upside the head anymore, just a little deaf still on that side. So good news on that front. Still in a major flare though, but I do not expect that will go away, until the infection does and the weather settles down. And we are going into hurricane season.. yeah !! NOT !

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To be grateful for the little things, is a gift. FMS

Being grateful for the little things, is one of the few gifts that FM brings us. How many of us, when healthy, just take our energy and ability to accomplish things, for granted ? If having FM has done nothing else for me, it has made me realize, just how precious the ability to do anything, really is.

 FM for me, is only one, in a long list of bodily insults. I have lived with some kind of limitation or other, most of my life. I was diagnosed with arthritis for the first time, at age 16.  I had a knee blow out, at age 23, ovarian cysts, that created years of pain and debility, until a total hysterectomy at age 25. Then of course, the joys of menopause.

And so very much more but I think you get the idea, and I had learned to live with each new challenge and over all, manged to overcome, or learn to adapt to them, then FMS struck. Needless to say, while I have learned adaptations to this new insult, there is, at least not yet, no way to overcome it.

Now, I tell you all of this, not to invoke pity, but to make a point. That all of these things, can make one honestly appreciate, the days when things work, when you have energy to do most of the things you had planned, when just the simple act of reaching for something, that today, didn’t create extra pain, is something to be savored, for the gift that it is.

It is said, we never fully appreciate, the absence of pain, until something like FM hits and we never know a day, without it … again. So we savor the little things, the small victories, in a way that the healthy, can never really understand.

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