Medical care and red tape !

The red tape and hoops they make you go though, to get medical care is just insane ! I HAD an appointment with a doctor today, that according to the handbook I was given, I do not reed a referral to go see. Only to find out that yeah, I do.

Or worse, that I am supposed to change them to my Primary care doctor, which is even more insane ( given that the one I want to see, is a Chiropractor who could not BE my PCP ) And since it is again, Friday, I cannot do a thing about it, until Monday.

This is particularly irritating, as I just saw my PCP, a few days ago and could have gotten the referral from her, if  I had known that I needed one. She would have been more than happy to give it to me, as she agreed with the need to see the specialist, and get this.. even SHE did not know that a referral was needed.

Now, I consider myself an educated person, especially when it comes to medical care ( with FM you kinda have to be ) but Medicaid/Medicare, has got to be the most complex system, I have ever seen, as most of the write ups in their so called handbook, are incomplete and often, contradictory.

You almost have to be a doctor, or worse, a lawyer, to understand the things. And half the stuff that you need to know, is not in it, and you have to call them, to find out. Just bonkers, the bloody lot of it, to make a person wait and go through all this red tape, just to get an appointment … that they will pay for.

Health care should not be this complicated !  Going off to grump for a while, and re-read the damn manual, and tear their website apart again, and see if I can figure out, what I missed.

More soon



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