Pacing and Energy use in FMS

Another Landry day, ugh… but it’s one of those things on the list of “gotta do”. Please see my FM site, for ways to make this task, less of a pain, literally. But it means you are out on a hot day, in a hot place, exerting yourself, when you are done doing all that, you are wiped out.

This is the cost of doing almost any task when you have FM. This is a fact, we with FM, just learn to live with. And it varies from day to day. Some days, the cost is even higher. If I am lucky, I will be able to cool down, re hydrate, and recover enough to get the clothes put away, and that will be about all I am good for, for the day, and I count this a good day, in that I could do it, at all.

I would have just gone and gotten some take out for dinner, but again.. thanks to Fibro fog.. I forgot about it, so it means, I  have to cook too. But I have a few hours to recover, before I tackle that.

Pacing, is so important for us, as anything we do, requires recovery time. We are at the “lactic threshold” almost all of the time. Which in English, means our muscles are two cents off of total collapse, just from being awake and sitting here. So really doing anything, we push the muscles into exhaustion, in very short order. As I said before just doing normal household tasks, is equal to pumping iron for the same amount of time.

Well, off to put the clothes up, before they get cool and wrinkled, then will sit here for another few hours, before I attempt doing dinner.. welcome to my world.

More soon…



2 thoughts on “Pacing and Energy use in FMS

  1. Hi Esta – I have spent a lot of time on your main FM website. What an amazing wealth of information. I really appreciate the tips on how to make those everyday tasks easier. Thank you for all you do. I hope your day is as painless as possible. All the best to you –

    • Hi Blue
      And you are most welcome, some are things I learned in school, to help with my students with disabilities, but most of it, are things I do, myself, that I find help. Everybody tells us, take it easy, but no one tells us.. how. So I felt such a “how to” was needed, glad ya like em.

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