Stonewalled by Medical care and FMS

Well, I finally found out what the problem was with all the Chiropractics listed in my healthcare book and have basically set the dogs on em. They are all under contract to my health care plan, but are reneging on the deal they made with the Health care company.

So no, I am not crazy, they are under agreement with my health care provider, yet are trying to force anyone who wants to see them, to shift over to their MD, which is not the deal they made.

So heads are gonna roll, and she ( the specialist who deals with such things ) will, if needed find me a totally new Chiropractor in the local area, who she can talk into joining the health plan if she has to, and most of the ones on the list now, just might find they get no more business from my HMO.

Just goes to show, it pays to complain sometimes 🙂 And hopefully it will mean that the next person who needs such a doctor, will not have to run into being stonewalled, as I have been, so a win-win for everybody ( except perhaps the doctors currently on the list, but that is their problem, as they created that situation for themselves )

Anyway, so have been on the phone all day thus far, I did manage at least to finally get an appointment with the Vein specialist that was ordered over 6 mts ago but never followed up on, so at least one thing nailed down for the day.

Tomorrow I get to run the same issue with the GI people and hope, they do not tell me something like, an appointment, 2 mts from now. As I plan to be a total pain in the butt about it, and do some strong arming of my own if needed. It does not pay to be passive when it comes to healthcare and social systems. The tests I just went through, well prove that things need to be done and I plan to harp as much as needed, to see them done.

More soon…



9 thoughts on “Stonewalled by Medical care and FMS

  1. Sounds like a scam type of thing here to rip off Medicare patients, overall, and force business to “their” MD’s. Hopefully resolution will take place and heads spin.

  2. I hope all went well for you, Esta. I’ve still been reading your FM site. I read your life story, nodding and tearing up through most of if. It touched me deeply and I know I’ve said it several times, but I send heartfelt thanks for your work.

    Dale, you’re right – it does sound like a scam. I have medicare and the doctors charge medicare a much higher rate than I used to pay them as a cash patient. Medicare itself is such a big, bulky, gunked up machine and I think the government intentionally uses lawyer-speak so that patients do not utilize their benefits to their full extent. Not that I have a solution to it…just thinking about it makes my head ache.

    all the best to y’all – blue

    • YW on the life story, more than one have read it and gone.. OMG, thats me !

      Medicare charges a higher rate, as they only get a percentage of whatever they charge, so they pad it up, and hope they will end up with an amount that at least covers their costs of service. Medicare/Medicaid, like most health care systems, is to blame for that.

      Just about anyone who bills any kind of insurance does the same thing. But if you happen to be a self pay client, then the shit hits the fan. As you are expected to pay that rate, in full.. so lose for everybody all the way around.

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