Archive | June 9, 2011

Social services, and SSI with FMS

Well our social services is at its best again, still no medicaid card, the number for my food stamps that recently had to be renewed, says : your call cannot be completed: and waiting on hold, again, with yet another agency, whose system said before : we cannot take your call at this time: Dang and things went so well the other day.

And they wonder why the system costs so much ! Speaking to them now and find out since they messed up and did not send me the application to the right address in the first place, and I finally get it from them weeks later, after several phone calls and send it back and it takes 30 days to process, which likely means, no benefits this mt, at all. 

And it’s all their fault, as I put in a change of address with everyone, and I do mean everyone, personally and repeatedly. Including the office in Austin just recently, that I was just speaking to, as in over 3 weeks ago, for the 5th time.

One of them told me point blank, their system habitually, does a security reboot every month, and often puts old information, back in the system. Meaning they know it does this and do nothing about it.

This explains why one month I will get my medicaid card, on time and the next I do not get it, at all. Until I call and ask for a replacement, which can take weeks. I mean does no one notice that it seems I move every other month ? So much aggravation, and totally uncalled for. And little I can do about it but make calls and cuss.

Sigh, oh well, at least by all the Gods, I am not alone and doing without on account of any of this, for which I can be grateful.

I just hope that my medicaid comes in soon, as prescriptions I can get with just the number, but for doctors, they need the current card, so they have 10 days to get it to me. Or it will mean an appointment its taken me 6 mts to get, will have to be blown off.

But at least the hardware ordered for me, is complete, they are just waiting on Medicaid to approve it all, so one more down. It always seems the list is ever growing, as I no more than get one problem solved, and three more show up..

More soon….