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Un-Refreshing sleep and FMS

Well, yet another day I had planned to be up, and yep, I turned off the alarm ..again, and went right back to sleep. It is so strange, that at night, when I am so tired I can barely see, I cannot sleep, but during the day, when I need to be up to do things, it seems that all my body wants to do, is sleep !

Now, if I felt like I had gotten much rest, that would be one thing, but that is almost never the case. Un-Refreshing sleep they call it. That is SUCH a tame word, for what is basically a train wreak every night.

Now the reasons for this are pretty simple, sleep comes in 5 stages, and we tend to skip right through several of em. The deep Delta stage in particular. This is the one where the body rebuilds. Which is likely why our body systems are always in such a mess.

In fact we spend a lot of time at stage one, where you are basically, just dozing. We get a lot of REM sleep, which is a good thing, otherwise we would go noisily mad, in short order. REM sleep is when you dream. Now why this happens, is well known, neurochemicals of which we either lack, or have too much of, Serotonin being the heavy hitter.

Now, the problem with Serotonin, is that is has so many jobs to do, but in our case the one it gets called on for the most, is pain control. Which means, if you do not control the pain, the body uses up its store of Serotonin pretty quickly, leaving little to none, for sleep. We do not really fall asleep, we pass out, when the body just cannot go on anymore.

There is much more on this on my FM site

Too tired to write more, so more soon…