Archive | June 14, 2011

Cognitive issues and FMS

Well I feel dumb. I took the husband to a testing place today, went away for what was supposed to be, 3 hours. I was gone for two, then had to wait for an hour.

My fault, something so simple, to compute how much time from drop off to 3 hours later and I made a child’s mistake, counting from the first hour, as one, not the hour after as one. Sigh … things like this, just make me wanna scream.

But making such cognitive errors, is rather common with us. It is almost like our IQ just dropped 50 points for the day or something. And when you couple that with our memory issues, it gets even worse.

As yet again,I forgot to stop by the store for fruit, we have been out for 3 days now. Mail to go out to the post office, is still sitting on my table. I have been out 3 times in recent days, it is still sitting there.

I took the number for the GI clinic with me today, to call them and make an appointment, forgot to call them. Are ya getting the drift here … ? Realize, I had major time to kill today and could have gotten all of this done, and remembered, none of it.

Some days, I think I am lucky to remember my own name. Now, knowing why all of this happens, some days, is no comfort, its just frustrating !

Off to chill out, figuratively  and literally. (it was another fry eggs on the sidewalk kinda day..)