Archive | June 28, 2011

How the Health care system makes it hard to get help

Some days, it feels like the medical system, doesn’t WANT you to get help.

For example: Still fighting to get a Chiropractor, but at least, after many weeks and phone calls, I have a shot at it, but again, I have to get yet more paperwork from my doctor, the same one who approved it, over a mt ago.

In short, I had to find one on my own, as no one at the place that runs my HMO, had clue one of what to do, when none of the ones, on a very short list, were available. And I cannot help but think, what if what I needed was something dire ?

Another example: Almost a mt ago, durable goods were ordered for me, but..  again, delay, they need paperwork, and they have asked my doctors office for it, over and over. With them calling me, to ask me to try and get it for them.

Only for me to find out today that the medical record department, is off for two weeks, and where is the paperwork I likely need delivered to them  ? I am willing to bet it’s sitting behind a locked door, with no one home, to process it into my doctors hands, until they get back from wherever the clinic itself, sent them.

This was not due to illness or even a vacation mind you, the clinic itself, sent the main medical record keeper, off somewhere else. Likely a budget cutting move, so they could spread out her services to more than one clinic.

I found this out, as also today, I tried to leave paperwork and a message for my doctor with her nurse, only to be told that no, it has to go through the medical record dept.

( Which is new, as I have left my Doctor many messages before, but, she’s got a new nurse whose a stickler for the so called rules, I guess, although why anything has to go through medical records, first, is beyond me, as that just delays anything you need done. If medical records needs a copy, they can get it after the fact, to my way of thinking. ) 

I had to get the clinic social worker into the game, ( whom I have come to know well, she growls rather well, to get things done )  in order to make my Doctors nurse take the papers, at all, by having someone besides me say that no, it cannot go through medical records, as there is no one there. Which the nurse of course, did not know.

This is hardly the first time I have run into brick walls, over and over, having to chase my own tail, and waste many hours trying to find someone who knows how to resolve the problem.

For the husband, it’s the same thing for social services, dept A tells him that dept B deals with that, only to go to dept B and get told.. oh no.. dept A deals with that and so on… 5 hours of his day gone, to really no proper purpose, other than to keep a mess of pencil pushers in THEIR jobs, but he was no closer to anyone helping him find a job. And it gets worse, as some of the things she told him, made even my jaw drop, and I thought I had seen it all.

In short, if you need healthcare, no matter how your paying for it, short of cash on the barrel, you are put though endless hoops and needless delays, all to keep a mess of record keepers, employed.

They will tell you its to prevent fraud, however, since fraud is more rampant now, than ever before, they have stopped nothing with their tactics. All they have done, is make it harder for legitimate people, to get the services they need.

So got a few things at least in the proper hands today, now I will have to ride herd on everybody, to see it all done … for someone who is already ill, this is downright unreasonable that I have to do all of this, just to get the care I need.

More soon…