Archive | June 30, 2011

Gender differances in testing for body ability ?

Not much for me say today, at least not on me, which for us with FM, is a good thing 🙂 as it means, nothing major, went wrong. We never think that we will ever hope, for uneventful days, but we do if we are wise and we savor them.

So what did happen for the day ?  Well, the mate came home after hours spent being tested 6 ways from Sunday, only to find out pretty much what they already knew, but now, they have proof. More therapy is in the works for him, as well as, yet another step has been made, towards his retraining.

He has a gauntlet of other tests and such to run here shortly, as they said the next set could literally take days. A years training, at the very least is being offered, with possible support monies. So we will see.

What I find interesting, is they are spending much more time and effort,( not to mention money ) testing this, that and this thing over there on him, just to get retraining for him, than they did for me, to get disability.

Things that by rights, they should have tested on me, as it might well have settled the question of “was I able to work”, the first time I ever applied for SSI over 10 years ago. Perhaps it is because he is a man ?

The so called doctor that I was sent to years ago by SSI, seemed to think, since I was able to stand up, see lighting and hear thunder, and that I walked in the door on my own two feet, that I must be fine. He even had the nerve to say, I was in “pretty good shape” and I thought to myself, as compared to what ? A three legged lame donkey, with knock knees, who is a 100 years old ?

Even the testing this time around for my new SSI case, was nothing near as extensive as they are doing with him and I have to ask myself, why ? We are of an age he and I, so it’s not that. I did manual labor for many years, just as he did, so it is not that. His health issues, while serious, save for one area that was injured, are more internal matters, than body mechanics, yet they are testing his body ability, to a very fine degree, whereas for me, they did almost none.

Even with all of the tests, x-rays and other full batteries I have had done in recent years, none of them even come close to checking any body mechanics, other than, at one point, during an “occupational assessment” I did the same carry weight test, as he did. But that is the only similarity.

But, all of that is past now, save for a time or two of reviews, which, given as I am gathering more diagnoses for this and that, like most women collect shoes, I do not think that will ever be, an issue again, but it still makes me wonder, why there is such a disparity in the testing phase ?

More soon…