Archive | July 11, 2011

Recovery time and FMS

Another laundry day ugh, but one of those gotta do sorta things. It always amazes me how tired you can get, from just doing one thing. But with FM, this should not really come as a surprise.

In point of fact, I did several things. But all of that just added to the load the body is already under on any given day of the week. How that looks is like this :

Lactic acid build up in the muscles as we are at the “threshold” just sitting there, much less makng demands on the body.

Caloric exhaustion. Which is just a fancy medical term for the body is starving. This is regardless of diet. IBS and a whole host of other issues create this problem

Homeostasis is shot:  Which is just another fancy medical word for all systems working normally and within certain parameters, body temperature, etc. Now for us, the body cannot adapt fast enough, to extremes of heat or cold. So being outside in our Texas summer or worse and the conditions in the Landry-mat to that and you have a body that is way overworked here. Add to that of course, dehydration.

What it all means in toto ? Is that when you ask the body to go out and do such work, under such conditions, it takes all you have, literally, to do it and then comes the recovery time.

I came home about 3 hours ago, and I am just now getting to where I feel even remotely, normal ( or at least as normal as we with FM, ever get ) In other words, it took me just as long to even start to recover from the labor I did today, as it took to do it, at all.

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