Archive | July 15, 2011

Saber rattling and medical frustrations and FMS

Well, I did a fair amount of saber rattling today, as yet again, a whole host of medical things, have yet to be done, mostly paperwork and referrals, that to me, are important but I seem to be the only one, who thinks so.

Now what is the most aggravating part, is things like my doctors office for example: Most of the people in my doctors office, either A: Do not speak English well enough to even understand what I am saying, or B: Act like they have no idea, what I am talking about, even with the paperwork right in front of their face.

This concept is further complicated, by my HMO, who has people within, who are so lame brained, they cannot look beyond whats in front of them on their database, and see why there is even a problem here.

Allow me to do a brief recap, over a mt and half ago, my doctor ordered some durable medical goods for me. Now, 6 weeks later, the paperwork needed from her office, still has not been given to the suppler, who are themselves, very frustrated with this as they have asked for it over and over.

If not for how good my PCP herself, has been to me, I would change clinics, entirely over this gross neglect on the part of the medical records office, who is the one who ultimately handles such things.

A neglect I hasten to add, that could easily result major damage or even death to me. I made it very clear to the supplier today and plan to make it clear to my clinic come Monday, that if anything at all happens to me, for their neglect, I will be suing, somebody !

( I have, among other things, Neurally mediated hypotenson, which means, in places like the shower for example, I get dizzy and have nearly fainted on more than one occasion. Now I leave the visual of me falling out of the shower, and onto the comode, counter top etc, up to your imagination, but lets just say it is highly likely I would, at the very least, break something, if not outright die as a result )

Now, at this same time, orders were given for me to see a specialist, however my HMO has one, a very short list of said doctors and two, none of them on that list will see me, without forcing me to change my PCP. Now, this disregards their deal with my HMO, all in the HMO agree to that and formal complaints and other actions have been filed. 

However, what topped the whole business with them today, is the fact that one of them called and left a message for me, saying of a doctor they had found for me, an hours drive away!

Now, if this doctor were a one time shot, ok, can see that, but this would be someone I would be seeing at minimum, once a mt for likely, years. Not to mention the fact, I already made it very clear from the start, that such long trips, are out of the question.

So yet another call to my HMO, and some good news finally, I happened to get one in my HMO, who understood the problem and went the extra steps and plans to do more for me, to get it done, or at least she will try. Now She.. I will present to her bosses, as the only one I have dealt with in their office on this matter, to date, who really tired to handle the problem.

Now, all of this was on my plate, yesterday… but I did not a thing about it, for one simple reason. I was so pissed off by all of this and over being forced to take some extraordinary steps over something so simple as some paperwork, that if I had spoken to or seen any of them … lets just say it would be as my mate said which was ” ah.. the security guards would be earning their paychecks ?”  as they most certainly would have, which would not have gotten things done, even if cussing a few people out, would have been emotionally satisfying.

But here is the most heinous part about this whole affair. I am a very sick woman, who has difficulty just getting through my day, on a good day, and this is how I am being treated by the very people, who are supossed to be helping me here ?

To that I say, not only is it uncalled for, with people like this for my so called freindly helpers, I do not need them as enemies, which is the ONLY thing that saves them from a very righteous wrath and yet all of these people, are cleverly disgused as so called.. health professionals. 

Tired of the whole damn mess