How we pay for goverment services, with time spent

Well some very good news and sorta good news going on this week. I am still waiting for all the things that have been on hold for almost 2mts now, but some progress has been made.

And the mate finally got approval for funding, at least for most of his retraining. As well as, he blew a few minds today, when he not only finished the first test they gave him in record time, he aced it as well. So they were rather impressed 🙂 

The sheer amount of time both of the above has consumed to even get to this point however, is astronomical. Now, anyone in our shoes, who is having to depend on any federal or government agency for aid to do anything, knows full well what I am talking about. As the price we pay in time, and sheer frustration, is almost beyond counting.  

This week coming up alone, will mean a ton of phone calls for me, and perhaps a trip to the medical records dept, to snap at a few laggards, personally, as by and large, they are the hold up on my part.

And he will spend hours upon hours with yet more body testing, days worth for him. Although, why they even need all the extra testing now, since they do have approval for at least the bulk of his retraining, makes me wonder. 

It could come to serve us later down the road, so I will not complain too much, but I cannot help but think it is yet another agency, who is making sure they keep their jobs, with the veneer painted over it all of so called “helping” others.  As all the testing is costing the state 1000’s of dollars.

( And we wonder why the state is broke ?)

But, on the side of blessing, some progress has been made and committed to, now it’s a matter of following through on all of the steps needed, to see it completed. But it has been a very wearying serveral mts, for us both…

Welcome to my world.. 🙂



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