Archive | August 5, 2011

I hate Doctors, who think we are stupid !

Well, finally got the surgical consult I wanted on the GI issues, but knowing so much about the possible reasons why, almost backfired in my face. And had to put down a smart ass resident doctor in the process.

I was not in the best of moods, when I finally got back into the offices for my appointment, as my time was slated for just after lunch, it was 5 hours later when I finally was taken back. I had made my displeasure at this, VERY obvious.

So just to save time, I ran down just what has been happening, what has happened before, re surgeries the results etc. and my personal thoughts on whats creating it all now ( Which my PCP by the way, agreed with me ), not to mention what I believe should be done about it.

The intern asked, what has become an almost normal question of ” have you had medical training ?”  As, the fact is, I do know a great deal on medical matters, in particular as pertains to whats wrong with me and I refuse to play stupid about it, to pander to some doctors ego.

In comes the resident the intern went to fetch. She and I got off to a very bad start when she walked in and said ” I see you have done our job for us, by diagnosing yourself”

No, I did not bash her upside the head ! Even though I felt like it.

But I did run down everything and more that I had told the intern, she got less and less belligerent as the recitation went on. To the point where she was forced to agree with me, that I was very likely, right. 

Now I am thinking to myself, where in the hell does she get the gall, to come in and talk to me like that ? It is hardly the first time I have run into a doctor who think that we, as the client are supposed to just sit there and listen to them and have NO opinion on the matter, whatsoever. 

Let’s face it, we have the time to research things, and we have an insiders view on the problem, they have neither. We not only have the time, we have serious motavtion to have a good understanding of what is going on with us. 

Facts are facts, anyone with any disorder of long standing, who has been A: treated for it a long time and or B: has spent literally years studying and researching it, very likely, honestly does know more about it, than the doctor does. As they tend to specialize in just one aspect, we on the other hand have a much broader education on the matters at hand.

And it’s damn well time a few in the medical profession woke up to the fact that no, we are all not as brainless as practice dummy’s. We might not have MD behind our names, but we DO know a great deal about whats going on inside of our own bodies, and we have very informed opinions, and it’s about time they respected that fact.

More soon…..