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Light and Hypothalamic issues in FMS

A dark and kinda dreary day out there, which is good, given how hot and bright it’s been. We with FM do not do well with bright lights. Some days I feel like a gremlin.

Or a vampire, but it is not our eyes, that really have the problem. There are some body issues, mainly from myofascial problems. Tear prodcution and the like but no, the main reason, has nothing to do with our eyes, at all.

Hypothalamic light reaction, is thought to be to blame. Now normally, what this part of our body does in reaction to light, is set our day night patterns. Our sleep patterns in particular. Now of course we know in FM that aspect is totally trashed. Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis (HPA) Dysfunction is what it is called but that means in plain language, the Hypothalamus is responsible for all kinds of things in the body. But half the time, it does not work.

To that part of our body, we should be in the dark time still, and here comes the light and literally stabs our eyes, as to its way of thinking, we have not slept, so therefore it must be night time. It keeps trying to reset, what has been broken, but it cannot, so the eyes suffer.

This is not to mention all the other glands in that Axis, that are dysfunctional. So it is mainly a gland issue, not an eye issue and all we can do is protect the eyes, lubricate them. Until they figure out a way to restore that balance.

More soon..