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FMS flares and excessive use of body resources

Well, still feeling a bit like roadkill, but on my way out of this dang flare, finally. I think just staying in bed until several hours after my alarm goes off, the past few days, has helped that. Un-refreshing or not, sleep can be a major relief from an FM flare.

I think the main reason is, that while asleep, we are making fewer demands on the body, so it can use body resources to tame the flare, rather than use them all up, to try and do our day to day tasks. Resources are finite for day to day work on any day, but during a flare, they are almost nonexistent.

What are these resources  ? Energy, which is created by a variety of places. Lipids ( fats ) in the muscle cells ( of which we have a sparsity of to begin with ) Calories burned, which depends on a gut that is A: processing things correctly and B: Passing the energy onto the blood stream. The O2 hand-off, from the lungs and blood stream, to activate all of the above. So, just to DO anything at all, on any day, a lot of things have to be in working order.

Now, on a “good” day, such systems do not work very well for us, but during a flare, they almost do not work, at all. But repairs must be made, so the body uses up what few resources, are normally available, in short order.

However, more is still needed, so the body goes hunting for it, most often taking it from the bones, the teeth, hair, anywhere it can find things that it can convert into useable body resources to repair the damage being done.In short, it is feeding on itself.

This fact is why most of us have low density of our bones, often have poor teeth, straw like hair, thin brittle nails and damaged skin. It is also is why during such flares, every alarm bell we have, are all ringing at once. As the body is on full alert, doing some rather extraordinary things, just to try and minimize damage, and allow for some functionality, but it is stripping the body almost bare, to do it.

So the bottom line is, often the best thing we can do, to help  the body along, and ease our own pain, is to sleep. Sleep and let the body do what it does best, which is heal what it can. Without us, making more demands on it.

May your flares be few, and your rest be blessed

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Good news and Bad news, back issues, old injuries and FMS

Very tired. Had to be up earlier than normal, ( doc appointment, vein specialists) so I did not do my sleeping meds, so I would not oversleep the time to go, and of course, I slept even worse than usual, as a result.

But have good news and bad news, on what I went to have checked out, which is my lower legs ( which have been cramping, having major pain, numbness etc ) which they thought might be PAD, (Peripheral artery disease ) so it was off to the specialists. ( it took me 6mts to get the appointment ) to find out that the blood flow in both legs and arms, is actually, pretty good. 🙂

Now the bad news is, they surmise that due to the signs and a prior back injury, that it’s my back that is doing all of this. No surprise to me really, given how badly the back has felt, for some time now.

I believe it all traces back to a major accident that happened when I was 14. I totally twisted my back and neck. Now the back, at the time, was able to be put back to a normal curve, after literally several years of treatment. ( it was twisted so badly, that the curve was the reverse of normal, then canted sideways in several places ) So I have no doubt at all, that it suffered damage, in the original injury. I remember the x rays, ugh !

Which means that all of it, has likely gone Arthritic too boot, like most of the rest of my body, and it might have the same issues as my neck has now, which is Spinal stenosis, which causes numbness, pain etc in the arms, neck and shoulders. They were considering surgery on that, but thankfully, Physical therapy works to keep it under control.

This problem is due again, to the  car wreck in my teens. ( a whiplash injury I suffered at the same time as the back injury, and it has never fully healed. The two vertebrae of the C spine, that have the worst issues with Spinal stenosis, are the same ones that suffered the most damage in the whiplash )

It would explain a lot, if that is the case, but it makes the pain, no less. Spinal stenosis can be anywhere in the spine, and what it basically means, is that the bones are pressing on nerves in the spinal column.

I can see more PT in my future. 😦  gahh.. it is helpful most of the time, but it feels like you are being treated like Gumby, in the hands of a demonic child. As Physical therapists seem to have a sadistic streak in em!

But at least I know now, that I don’t have to watch my legs and feet quite so much, for visible damage, due to an impaired blood flow. Which I will admit, had me concerned. As their seeming to fall asleep, and/or going numb on me all the time, made me really wonder about them.

Now, if I can just get past the hurtle of finding a Chiropractor I can see under my health plan, we might be able to really DO something about it all. ( see other posts for the nightmare I have been having on that issue )

Now of course, having Fibromyalgia means that all the pains and issues that are being created here, are having the “volume” cranked up to insane levels. Let’s just say, if the pains were in fact sounds, my  eardrums would have flown out of my ears, a long time ago !

More soon…