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Doctor’s/Goverment who can’t seem to do their jobs and FMS

Ready to scream here. Recall that surgical consult I had to all but brow beat outta the doctor ? Well the silly woman screwed that up, and it was denied and now I have to backtrack the whole mess, to get it sorted out. Why, for the love all that is Holy, can’t people just DO their jobs ?

On a good note, the business with my hardware, that was ordered over 2 mts ago and its paperwork that was trashed almost beyond repair, is finally over. In fact, they are supposed to deliver them to my door, any time now. But I mean really, two months !!! For one lousy piece of paper.

It seems I no more than get one issue nailed, and up jumps another one, to take its place. It is a never ending battle, for healthcare. All I want to know is why ? As nine times outta ten, it is someone, somewhere, not doing their job !

Example: Have tired for weeks to get through the referral center, to get an appointment with my PCP. Finally gave up on that, as usual, and called her office, directly. Only to be told I can get in to see her in in Oct. Mind you we are still in Aug. here. 

What is up with these people to think that making an appointment, for a new issue I might add, can just wait for mts ?? That whatever I am suffering from, can just go on hold, until they get around to it ?

Another example: One of my medications, is no longer covered by medicaid. Ok, so that means that they have to order something else to replace it, right ? Well that was over a week ago and I and my pharmacy  are still waiting. Likewise I requested a referral to an ENT, over a mt. ago.. I am still waiting. 

All of the above, are people not doing their jobs here. Simple things, fill out the paperwork right for the most part, and make a few phone calls. Ya would think this would be easy. But no, I have to ride herd on the lot of them, calling and going over heads, and in short making a right pest of myself, to get dang near ANYTHING done.

Now, I know that most people can relate, when it comes to insurance of any kind, but can someone please tell me, why it has to be such a pain in the butt ? I mean really ? To basically ask people who are already sick, to have to deal with such crap, is beyond any standard of reasonable, yet, they do it.

It seems like if you stick the words medical or state run, in front of something, you can just about expect it is gonna be a nightmare of mis-fires and mistakes and we wonder why our government is broke ?

Seems pretty simple to me, if dang near every single thing they do, has to be done, 2-3 or four times each, since they cannot seem to get it right the first time, the cost factor, doubles in size for every time they screw it up.

Example: My mate finally got funding for schooling, which he is attending, however, there is yet to be anyone to even be working on it seems, the funding for the certifications at the end of the class, without which, I must hasten to add, makes the classes themselves, useless. No Cert means, you cannot DO the job you are being trained for. They already know we cannot afford to pay for a half a dozen certifications at 200 bucks or so a pop. Which brings up the second issue.

Nor have any of them got off their duffs and even try to work on funding for maintenance. Meaning funds to take care of house and home, while he is going to school, As we are talking almost a years worth of school here. Just as a note, he has already been off work for two years now, and the insurance money stopped coming, over a year ago. So we are living on our savings and borrowed time here, trying to get him trained to do a job he is able to do now.

I mean consider it. Fat lot of good it does to fund the schooling if A: No certs at the end of it all, meaning he couldn’t legally USE the training and B: He can’t attend the classes anyway, as we are homeless for lack of money. So it would be a case of both money, theirs and time, ours, down the drain.

This is the kind of mentality we fight everyday, the people that only do a half assed job and have the nerve to pat themselves on the back, that they do that much.

Makes me wanna limber up my wand, turn the lot of them into Toads, so they have to replace them all and maybe, just maybe, their replacements, knowing the fate of their predecessors .. might try and do a better job !

Welcome to my nightmare



Feeling half way human and running on empty. FMS

Feeling half way human today, for the frist time in weeks. It’s so odd, that we see a day where we are half way alright, as a good day ! I guess FM does one postive thing for us, in that it forces us to be appreciative of small victories, that we otherwise might ignore.

I have been running on sheer nerves and fumes for weeks now it seems, to the point of literally having a major flare with the “shakes” for at least the past week or so. If you have never experienced this one yet, count yourself blessed.

As it’s where the body and mind are so tired, that you find yourself having purpose tremors when you go to do things, often to the point where you cannot do them, at all, and your brain is so overloaded, that even a sudden noise is enough to make you jump out of your skin. You cannot think or process anything worth beans, and your confusion level skyrockets.

You bash into the walls, as your coordination has completely gone to hell. What little of it we have even on a good day. You do not sleep, as you literally cannot, as neither brain or body, will shut up long enough, to let you.

It almost goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, your temper gets more than a bit testy. As I am sure my Mate could attest to 🙂 I know damn well the people in the half a dozen medical dept’s I have either been in or talked to in the past weeks, know it for a fact, unless they are totally tuned out. ( I think some of them really are tuned out, but they are due a major wake up call and I plan on seeing to it, they get it )

This is a flare to the point of sheer flat out exhaustion. You are so tired, mind and body that you can barely function and things just start not to work, at all.

Now, I pride myself on the fact that most of the time, I can manage to work around most things FM throws at me. But between the extremes of weather and much added stress and strain, this time … not so much.

This time, just not enough reserves to deal with things outside of my direct control, my healthcare being a major one, and then to top it all off, have to step around the rocks that FM tends to toss in my path, at the same time, and I have tripped over a whole mess of them. I have the bruises to prove it !

But, finally, seeing a corner turned i think, ( crossing fingers ) and hoping I can regain the momentum, that normally keeps me going….

Welcome to my world 🙂



Gender differances in testing for body ability ?

Not much for me say today, at least not on me, which for us with FM, is a good thing 🙂 as it means, nothing major, went wrong. We never think that we will ever hope, for uneventful days, but we do if we are wise and we savor them.

So what did happen for the day ?  Well, the mate came home after hours spent being tested 6 ways from Sunday, only to find out pretty much what they already knew, but now, they have proof. More therapy is in the works for him, as well as, yet another step has been made, towards his retraining.

He has a gauntlet of other tests and such to run here shortly, as they said the next set could literally take days. A years training, at the very least is being offered, with possible support monies. So we will see.

What I find interesting, is they are spending much more time and effort,( not to mention money ) testing this, that and this thing over there on him, just to get retraining for him, than they did for me, to get disability.

Things that by rights, they should have tested on me, as it might well have settled the question of “was I able to work”, the first time I ever applied for SSI over 10 years ago. Perhaps it is because he is a man ?

The so called doctor that I was sent to years ago by SSI, seemed to think, since I was able to stand up, see lighting and hear thunder, and that I walked in the door on my own two feet, that I must be fine. He even had the nerve to say, I was in “pretty good shape” and I thought to myself, as compared to what ? A three legged lame donkey, with knock knees, who is a 100 years old ?

Even the testing this time around for my new SSI case, was nothing near as extensive as they are doing with him and I have to ask myself, why ? We are of an age he and I, so it’s not that. I did manual labor for many years, just as he did, so it is not that. His health issues, while serious, save for one area that was injured, are more internal matters, than body mechanics, yet they are testing his body ability, to a very fine degree, whereas for me, they did almost none.

Even with all of the tests, x-rays and other full batteries I have had done in recent years, none of them even come close to checking any body mechanics, other than, at one point, during an “occupational assessment” I did the same carry weight test, as he did. But that is the only similarity.

But, all of that is past now, save for a time or two of reviews, which, given as I am gathering more diagnoses for this and that, like most women collect shoes, I do not think that will ever be, an issue again, but it still makes me wonder, why there is such a disparity in the testing phase ?

More soon…



Social services, and SSI with FMS

Well our social services is at its best again, still no medicaid card, the number for my food stamps that recently had to be renewed, says : your call cannot be completed: and waiting on hold, again, with yet another agency, whose system said before : we cannot take your call at this time: Dang and things went so well the other day.

And they wonder why the system costs so much ! Speaking to them now and find out since they messed up and did not send me the application to the right address in the first place, and I finally get it from them weeks later, after several phone calls and send it back and it takes 30 days to process, which likely means, no benefits this mt, at all. 

And it’s all their fault, as I put in a change of address with everyone, and I do mean everyone, personally and repeatedly. Including the office in Austin just recently, that I was just speaking to, as in over 3 weeks ago, for the 5th time.

One of them told me point blank, their system habitually, does a security reboot every month, and often puts old information, back in the system. Meaning they know it does this and do nothing about it.

This explains why one month I will get my medicaid card, on time and the next I do not get it, at all. Until I call and ask for a replacement, which can take weeks. I mean does no one notice that it seems I move every other month ? So much aggravation, and totally uncalled for. And little I can do about it but make calls and cuss.

Sigh, oh well, at least by all the Gods, I am not alone and doing without on account of any of this, for which I can be grateful.

I just hope that my medicaid comes in soon, as prescriptions I can get with just the number, but for doctors, they need the current card, so they have 10 days to get it to me. Or it will mean an appointment its taken me 6 mts to get, will have to be blown off.

But at least the hardware ordered for me, is complete, they are just waiting on Medicaid to approve it all, so one more down. It always seems the list is ever growing, as I no more than get one problem solved, and three more show up..

More soon….